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Waste oil recycling

Salters offer FREE* waste oil collection for collections in the main centres, for volumes of over 400 litres.

You can either request a scheduled run, in accordance with
our scheduled days in your area, or you can contact us to notify
us when your site will be 70% of the tank capacity. Schedules
are made with consideration of your expected fill levels and
tank capacity.
*Collections of less than 400 litres or remote collections may be charged.

Do you have any of the following on site?


We collect these as well but PLEASE don’t mix them in with your waste oil.

Call us on 09 278 6563 / 0800 SALTER (0800 725 837)

to discuss your options for collection.

Waste Oil Collection Trucks

Each truck is equipped with its own pump, filtration, hoses and calibration equipment, for pumping from large oil drums, storage tanks and machinery.

They are equipped with up to 25 meters of hose to ensure that even if the entrance to the workshop is obstructed, we may still be able to remove the waste oil without operational disruption or downtime.

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Site Information Form

As a Salters customer, you will be asked to complete a Site Information Form

By completing this form, we will be able to record who to contact on site, what tank(s) you have, your preferred collection frequency, and details about your site HSSE, PPE and induction requirements. It also tells us whether we can provide you with further services within our range.

Waste Oil Distillation Process

Salters own and operate a 50,000-litre distillation unit at our site in Wiri, Auckland. The plant has the capacity to process up to 48,000 litres per day.

Waste oil brought in from our collection operation initially goes into storage where any free water is drained off. The fuel is then pumped into the process tank and a sample is tested to check the contaminant level. It is then sent for processing into our gas-fired plant which heats the oil slowly to 135 degrees where water and light factions evaporate, and contaminants are removed.

After the fuel oil is processed it is re-checked, then filtered to 400 microns and pumped into storage tanks to await shipping to ONLY approved and consented customers after testing.

Our main customers are the Kinleith and Kawerau mills, where this fuel oil is used in their clean-burn kilns, under fully consented processes.

This fully certified process has Work Safe and environmental certification. Copies of compliance certificates are available on request.

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Storage Tanks

1000L Plastic double skinned tanks are available for purchase from Salters.

Salters focus is to provide you with the most reliable and frequent service by investing in a modern fleet, a compliant processing plant and our people.

We also think our customers’ compliance is important and by investing in your own tank you can ensure it is maintained in a manner that meets your individual site and local authority requirements.