Sustainable Development

Our vision is to extend our leadership in the Recycling and Safety market in NZ with our award-winning environmentally sustainable solutions.
  • We pride ourselves in our socially responsible approach, and how our environmentally friendly business foundation contributes strongly towards a more sustainable environment.
  • We are committed to continuously improving our environmental protection standards, by working smarter, cleaner and making use of technology innovation whenever we can.
  • We work with communities and the public to jointly develop and enhance environmental awareness, best practices and sustainable processes.

Our Environment

epaThroughout our 30 years of operations, we have been committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment by maintaining the highest possible standards in all aspects of hazardous waste transport and disposal. We work hard to not only meet but exceed our obligations with all EPA policies.

photo-enviro-bigWe have all the monitoring, systems and processes necessary to ensure we are meeting all our regulatory and community obligations. We have ISO 9002 standards accreditation for all our processing and disposal activities. We are always looking for ways to improve and innovate, so we can set even higher standards. A good example is in our water quality and consumption improvements.

The water recovered from our oil waste is processed in our innovative ‘Bubble Jet’ Machine. This device reconverts the vaporised water back into liquid form, and runs through a number of sand filters to improve water quality and provide spill and overrun protection. This means we eliminate any potential hazard of contaminated water reaching the nearby stream.

The whole process has led to a number of significant environmental improvements. The water quality is consistently of such high standard that Watercare and Manukau City Council have reduced their requirements for water testing from quarterly to annually, and Auckland Regional Council has allowed a direct discharge of the water to the nearby stream.

The recycled water’s quality is so high that we can use it in our vacuum tankers (consuming approximately 1,000 litres per day) and general housekeeping (e,g. washing trucks). When combined with rainwater taken from the large roof areas on site, this has led to a reduction of fresh water taken from the mains by more than 80%.

Our Partnership in R.O.S.E.

R.O.S.E. (Recovering Oil Saves the Environment) is a scheme set up with the purpose to manage and contract the collection of user (waste) oil, to be refused as an alternative fuel source to diesel, light fuel oil (LFO), and gas.

R.O.S.E. promotes reusing the used oil to assist in minimizing the potential for illegal discharges to the environment and to provide a sustainable use for waste oil products. R.O.S.E. provides collection capability across New Zealand utilizing the collection fleet and storage facilities of Fulton Hogan Ltd, Petroleum Services Ltd and Salters Cartage Ltd. Together these three companies have 48 years combined experience with collecting and consuming used oil across New Zealand, with Salters Cartage Ltd being original contractors to the GeoCycle Used Oil Recovery Programme Scheme since its inception in 1993.

Consumption of the collector used oil will be by Fulton Hogan’s Asphalt and Bitumen Plant Facilities and available to other contracted and consented user oil users.

Learn more about it on the ROSE website.

Our Communities

Salters Cartage prides itself in being socially responsible. Its environmentally friendly business foundation, reuse of waste oil, and reduction of water use all contribute towards a more sustainable environment.

We are committed to a range of community services, public education and sponsorship as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability in the community.

  • We provide a free waste oil drop-off and disposal service to the general public visiting our Auckland site
  • We’re involved with the Hazmobile mobile collection sites – we collect waste oil from the Hazmobile sites, and dispose it through our normal Oil Recovery programme, involving Holcim NZ’s cement kilns
  • We work with community groups (e.g. schools) to plan collection schedules and routes to reduce social and community impact
  • We provide sponsorship for various sports and community activities

Supporting Mainline Steam Heritage Trust

mainline-badgeWe are proud to give our support to Mainline Steam- an organisation devoted to the restoration and operation of historic mainline steam locomotives. Members lovingly maintain the locomotives, and operate regular day excursions and multi-day tours over rail lines throughout New Zealand.

Learn more about Mainline Steam HERE.

Along with supporting the Mainline Steam Trust we are also long standing supporters of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.



People, Health & Safety

Our experienced and competent staff is one of the cornerstones of the company’s commitment to the environment.

Through our extensive training and staff development, not only do we keep them safe, but also we contribute significantly towards minimising the risks of accidents and major environmental incidents.

We’ve developed an extensive Quality, Environmental Safety, Health and Training Manual (QUEST). This focuses on operational Health & Safety policies and procedures, and keeps our staff informed and aligned with our company’s strategies, leadership, planning, objectives and targets.

QUEST provides a detailed internal and external auditing schedule, extensive opportunity for staff to suggest improvements, is a key component of staff induction and is reinforced with staff at our monthly QUEST meetings.

QUEST is a key part of our overall Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which is fully-certified to the AS/NZS 4801:2001 standard. We continuously monitor incident and accident rates so we can pro-actively address any issues, and reinforce our culture of safety and reliability.


We partake in HazNo….

Certificates & Policies


As a responsible business, we are prepared for the unthinkable to happen. Our Quality, Environment and Health & Safety programmes provide the assurance that we’ve done everything we can reasonably do to prevent an accident. At the same time, as a responsible business, we are prepared for the unthinkable or unexpected to happen, by maintaining adequate insurance coverage.

Copies of our insurance certificates are available on request.


All fuel supplied by Salters is only available to consented sites. We hold all relevant Resource Consents for our operations, and as part of our Environmental Programme, we monitor our own compliance rigorously.

Copies of Resource Consents can be viewed at Salters’ premises by arrangement. You are welcome to contact us and discuss your requirements.