We operate the largest and most up-do-date specialist fleet and facilities in the country, designed to collect, transport, and dispose of hydro-carbon materials and waste to the highest possible safety standards.

Collection & Recovery


We provide an efficient Upper North Island-wide service for the collection, recycling and disposal of waste oil.

We also provide a total disposal service for fuel oil slops, black and grey water from the shipping and automotive industry and major oil companies (view below).

Our service operates from Cape Reinga to Turangi.

Waste Oil Disposal is a chargeable as of June 2016 – Costs can be retrieved by phoning the office.

Our superior service and equipment makes the collection and disposal process fast and easy. We minimise interruption to your business and provide one-stop documentation.

As a registered collection agent for the R.O.S.E Recovery Programme.  This is a partnership with Fulton Hogan and Petroleum Services, offering Nationwide service between the two companies.  We cover more than 3000 sites from Turangi to Cape Reinga with our purpose-built collection fleet. Each truck is equipped with its own pump, hoses and callibration equipment, for pumping from our 209 litre drums, storage tanks and machines. On return to our depot, we pump the waste oil into holding storage tanks for processing in the fuel recovery plant, and then it’s deliver to sites for incineration. We also drain and crush the steel drums for use as scrap steel, and the plastic waste is shredded.



We also provide an oil filter collection and disposal service for workshops. We supply a 209 litre open top drum with plastic liner for you to fill with used oil filters, which we collect, compress and recycle.

For both waste oil and filter collection, we issue an itemised tax invoice, providing you with proof of legal disposal.

To find out more about our waste oil collection and disposal service enquire online.

Spill Response

We provide comprehensive services to help our customers in responding to spills of hazardous materials of all kinds, including oil spillages.

photo-spilres-bigWe have the experience, skills and technology to deal with both major and minor environmental incidents.

The Auckland Regional Council recognises our longstanding experience with rapid and efficient response to spillage incidents, and is one of our largest customers for these services.

We have played a crucial role in responding to some of NZ’s most major spillage incidents, for example, the Jody F Millenium shipping disaster off Gisborne in 2002.

We are also expert in proactively developing plans to deal with environmental incidents. As an example, we have developed a Tier 1 Spill Contingency Plan allowing us to react quickly and efficiently to avoid any product spilled reaching the ocean. This was developed through working closely with Ports of Tauranga, Environment Bay of Plenty and Ports Harbour Master as the approving environmental authorities.

To find out more about our spillage response services enquire online or call our 24-hour emergency response number on 0800 SALTERS.

Our Fuel Oil Recovery Plant

We own and operate a 50,000 litre distillation unit at our site in Wiri, Auckland. This gas-fired plant heats the oil to remove all water and contaminates, and has the capacity to handle up to 48,000 litres /day.

Waste fuel oil brought in from our collection operation initially goes into storage where any free water is drained off. The fuel is then pumped into the process tanking and a sample is tested to check the contaminate level. The fuel oil is then slowly heated to 160 degrees to remove the remaining water. After the fuel oil is processed it is re-checked, then filtered to 25 microns and pumped into storage tanks to await shipping to customers all over New Zealand after testing.



Ship Slops, Grey water and Black water

We operate a specialist end-to-end disposal service for fuel oil slops, grey water and black water, mainly from the maritime and automotive industries.

photo-yard-bigWe provide a responsive, reliable non-stop service for all type of shipping and automotive operations, with no volume restrictions.

Our virtually unlimited disposal capacity means that we can offer long term contracts to both individual vessels and shipping fleets. We can guarantee availability of disposal and price for a consistently high standard of service.

We combine safe collection and processing, with the high temperature firing in CHH and Holcim’s kilns to guarantee that fuel oil slops disposal meets the stringent requirements of the New Zealand Maritime Transport Law.

We collect the waste fuel oil and transport to our own storage and recovery plant complex in Wiri, Auckland. This fully-accredited facility consists of 28 storage tanks, with a capacity of over 1.5 million litres. We process the oil at our recovery plant to remove water and other contaminants, and it is transported to CHH and Holcim for fuelling their kilns.

Our plant and facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to the strict conditions required by the Ministry of Environment and the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority), and waste water and air discharge regulations of Auckland Super City Council.

To find out more about our disposal services enquire online.

Specialist Transport


Our Fleet

Salters Cartage Ltd owns and operates a modern and well-maintained fleet of tankers ranging from 4,000 to 45,000 litres.

photo-partners-holcimAll our fleet are fully-certified as Class 3A Dangerous Goods compliant. Each tanker carries its own pump, hoses and fittings, and we maintain our strict quality standards through regular servicing and testing of all this auxiliary equipment. Through our rigorous controls, we minimise the potential for incidents and environmental impact.

We demonstrate our commitment to minimising our fleet’s impact on the environment by ensuring our trucks are operated efficiently and minimise the social and environmental impact.

Each truck is fitted with a customised Eroad GPS, which means we can monitor in real time, schedule efficiently, and minimise unnecessary mileage. We plan our routes to reduce impact on the community e.g. our trucks are not driving near school areas during drop off and pick up times.  We can also set speed limit alerts in specific areas such as schools and inside business areas.

The trucks are fitted with drive-cam

All trucks have built-in speed control (90km/h max), reducing fuel use and emissions, and increasing safety. Our drivers have on-going Smith System training and annual auditing to reinforce defensive driving habits, reduce accidents, increase fuel efficiency and lessen the impact on the environment.

To find out more about our vehicle fleet enquire online.