Fluid & Storage Management

Vacuum truck services


Salters are specialists in extracting and recycling products with our Class 3A Dangerous Goods specialised vacuum trucks. We use 3” suction hoses to meet compliance with the maximum allowable hose circumference.

Our superior service and equipment make the collection and disposal process
fast and easy. We minimise disruption to your business and provide one-stop

We offer services for day-to-day operations for routine workshop maintenance
of interceptors and manways through to emergency spill events on a 24hr basis.


We specialise in extraction of:

Using state-of-the-art technology, specially imported from Denmark, Salters provide an environmentally friendly solution to waste liquid treatment.

Our trucks are fitted with Newson-Gale bonding systems and our operators have completed a certified Bonding course to ensure they follow safe practices.

Our processing of liquid waste is audited by the Auckland
Council, and we have our wastewater independently audited
by IWS Eco-Monitoring Limited

utility service company workers moves the manhole cover to cleaning the sewer line for clogs aerial view

Interceptor Cleaning

Salters can provide interceptor cleaning on a scheduled basis to meet your site-specific requirements or a oneoff service. Please contact us for more information by phoning us to discuss your specific needs.

Spill response

Salters have extensive experience in providing their vacuum trucks for emergency situations. We have the experience, skills and technology to deal with both major and minor environmental incidents.

The Auckland Council recognises our longstanding experience with rapid and
efficient response to spill incidents, and is one of our largest customers for
these services.

oil spill cleanup on working area. danger for the nature.

Our 24 hour emergency response number is

0800 SALTER (0800 725 837)

Examples of recent high publicity emergency
response events attended by Salters are:

Fuel oil,
shipping &
marine fluid

We operate a specialist end-to-end disposal service for fuel oil, ship slops, grey water and black water. We provide a responsive, reliable non-stop service for all type of shipping and automotive operations, with no volume restrictions.

Our virtually unlimited disposal capacity means that we can offer long term
contracts to both individual vessels and shipping fleets. We can guarantee
availability of disposal and price for a consistently high standard of service.

Stevedore crews taking rest during bunkering or refueling of a barge at wharf
Oil platform and a supply vessel at sunset

Specialist fluid transport and storage management

Salters can provide specialist transport and storage for hazardous fluids and chemicals. We work with you to minimise disruption and provide disposal documentation. Please contact us for more information by phoning us to discuss your specific needs.

Mini old fuel tank for generator set made from iron steel

Fuel Container Destruction

Salters can provide safe fuel container destruction