Founder & Management

Salters Cartage was founded in 1980 by Ron Salter.

Ron saw the growing need for a specialist organisation that could provide environmentally sustainable services to address the issue of the transport, disposal and recycling of hazardous waste.

Over the last 30 years he has expanded Salters into a diverse group, now firmly established as an innovative NZ market leader in its areas of operation.

Management Team

Managing Director Ron Salter has a very experienced and focused management team running his operations, and is ably supported by his management team.

Salters Group

The Salters Group consists of a range of specialist companies, each focused on a particular aspect of the operation:

Salters Investment Group Ltd

photo-waiheke-fuelsSalters Investment Group Ltd owns all vehicles operated by the various companies in the group.

Bolderwood Properties Ltd

bolderwoodBolderwood Properties owns the Auckland recovery and recycling centre, including our advanced gas-fired recovery plant.

Salters Cartage Ltd

salterscartageSalters Cartage is the heart of the Salters Group, responsible for operation of all vehicles, plant and services.

Salters Environmental Ltd

saltersenvironmentSalters Environmental owns and operates the specialist equipment used for our septic tank recycling services.

Waste Oil Collections Ltd

waste-oilThis company runs our waste oil collection services – both nationwide and also across the Pacific, including Tahiti and the Cook Islands.

Recycle Oil Save Environment (ROSE)

rose-trucksROSE operates our waste-oil recycling service, removing water and other contaminants so the oil can then be re-used as substitute fuel.

Waiheke Fuels Ltd (view site)

waiheke-fuelsThe Waiheke Fuels division provides diesel refuelling services on Waiheke Island, including an on-shore facility and floating pontoon boat-stop.

Waiheke Towing and Salvage (view site)

waiheke-towingWaiheke Towing and Salvage operates a towing, salvage and car recycling service on Waiheke, responsible for some large service contracts on the island.

Waiheke Septic Tank Services Ltd (view site)

waiheke-septic-truckThis division provides specialist septic tank collection and disposal services on Waiheke.


We pride ourselves in the close personal relationships we maintain with our customers, large and small. We have a long history with our loyal client base, and we are very familiar with their business operations and evolving needs.

In our niche market, we are committed to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. So we are focused on consistently delivering you a reliable and responsive service.

Among our many satisfied customers we include:

  • Auckland Regional Council
  • NZ’s four major oil companies
  • NZ Maritime Safety Authority
  • Automotive workshops throughout the North Island
  • Major shipping companies
  • Small businesses
  • Carter Holt Harvey
  • Royal NZ Navy

Our Partnership with Carter Holt Harvey and Holcim

We have a longstanding relationship with both Carter Holt Harvey and Holcim, who have used our processed oil waste as a valuable source of fuel in their cement works in Westport.

We work as a participant in their Used Oil Recovery Programme, which is recognised as one of the country’s most successful and effective Environmental Safety Programmes.

The Environmental Safety Programme is an effective solution to the problem of safely disposing of the 30 million litres of used oil generated in NZ each year. Waste oil, primarily from engines and lubrication, is a significant environmental hazard, especially when it is put into landfills or burnt at low temperatures.

The very high temperatures involved in firing a kiln mean that it is ideal for the environmentally secure disposal of used oil. Both Carter Holt Harvey and Holcim use our recycled fuel to lower their energy costs and reduce emission levels.

photo-partners-holcimIn April 2009 Carter Holt Harvey’s Used Oil Recovery Programme received the first New Zealand accreditation as a Product Stewardship Scheme under the Waste Minimisation Act (2008).

See Carter Holt Harvey’s Used Oil Recovery Programme for further details.

Our Partnership in R.O.S.E.

R.O.S.E. (Recovering Oil Saves the Environment) is a scheme set up with the purpose to manage and contract the collection of user (waste) oil, to be refused as an alternative fuel source to diesel, light fuel oil (LFO), and gas.

Salter’s has partnered with Fulton Hogan Ltd and Petroleum Services Ltd to bring this great environmental scheme to life. Read more about it on our Sustainable Development page.


Our commitment to sustainable disposal of hazardous materials and our NZ leadership in this specialist market has been widely acknowledged:
  • Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards 2008
  • Westpac Manukau Environmental Excellence Awards 2008
  • Our ongoing commitment to waste reduction earned us a ‘Gold Membership’ of the Waste Management Institute of New Zealand in 2005-2006
  • Auckland Regional Council has profiled our best-practice oil and water recycling approach and processes over a number of years at their Waste and Environment Conference
  • Product Stewardship