Salters was founded in 1980 and quickly established itself as the industry leader in the hazardous recycling disposal market in NZ. We recognized early the move towards ‘green service stations’, and expanded our services, collection fleet and vacuum tanks.

We are headquartered in Manukau City, Auckland, and provide coverage across the North Island with our modern truck fleet, one of the country’s largest specialist operations.

  • Waste Oil Collection and Recovery Services: We are a one-stop total disposal service for waste oil from the major oil companies, as well as shipping and automotive industries. We have over 10,000 sites between Cape Reinga and Turangi thanks to our partnership with major oil companies such as BP, Castrol, Valvoline, Penrite, Elf and Total.
  • Oil Recovery Services: We are the contractors for Repco & Supercheap Auto’s Oil Recycling initiative which is now solely run by us.  We collect recycled oil from drop-off bins located around the region and dispose of it safely.  The bins are collected weekly and on average 12,000 litres are recovered weekly from the drop-off locations. This amount is growing as more and more homeowners are aware of the service and the need to protect our environment.



Waste Oil Collection & Recovery

Waste Oil Collection
& Recovery
Fuel Oil Transportation
& Recovery
Supplier of Approved Waste
Oil Collection Tanks
Used Oil Filter and Oily Rag Disposal


Shipping & Marine Collection & Recovery

Ship slop removal
& disposal
Bilge water removal
& disposal



Public drop off for
disposal service,
Oily trolley disposal services
Car wash/oily water interceptors,
Oil filter/container disposal
Steel drum disposal



Bulk fuel delivery
Chemical delivery



Fuel and Hazardous Liquids Storage
Recycling plant in the yard for
plastic & steel filters
Public drop off for disposal